34th International Scientific and Technical Conference EKOMILITARIS 2023
„Protection Against Effects of Extraordinary Threats”

In the modern world the issues of ecology and energy efficiency in construction and maintenance of public infrastructure determine the standards of life and the health of the population. Poland, as an active participant of the European Union and NATO is persistently committing in removing backlogs of these this areas and reaching the adequate level of the best countries of Europe. Therefore, since 1987 the scientific and technical conferences have been organized in the fields of “Ecological and energy-efficient construction”, which are carried out within the framework of the EKOMILITARIS.

The purpose of these conferences is to form the cooperation framework, allowing wide and optimal use of scientific research achievements and experiences of practitioners in the aspects related to:

  • design and maintenance of ecological and energy-efficient housing construction and infrastructure components,
  • the maintenance and restoration of historic buildings within the scope of construction,
  • designing and exploitation of the protective and defensive structures.

The added value and valuable works of periodically organized conference is the concentration of wide assembly of co-organizers, sponsors, research establishment, distinguished scientists, industry representatives, policy makers, practitioners as well as circle of friends – precursors and users of new technological solutions in the field of the public housing and infrastructure construction, technologies and exploitation.

The exchange of experiences, sharing of scientific findings and practical solutions are concerned with a variety of civil and military construction works. The papers for all participants of conference are written and prepared by both civilian and military representatives of scientific and research centers.

We wish all participants of the EKOMILITARIS conference fruitful deliberations and ready-to-implement in the national economy results and solutions!

Marcin Miczuga

Honorary Patronage